urgent call for support of Earthquake Victims in Tibet

April 29th, 2010

Dear reader and viewer
please pray for our Dharma Brothers and sisters in Tibet those who lost thier life, and those who are injured and still suffering their life in Tibet, phisycally we can do nothing but if we all pray togethere and dedicat to them i m sure it helps them by contributing our prayers and dedication, so please pray togethere.

On April 14th a 6.9 earhquake hit Kyegundo (pronounced: Jye-kun-do) , a city of more then 100,000 mostly Tibetans in Kham, the Eastern region of Chinese- occupied Tibet. As of 6 days after the quake, the official reports indicated over 2000 deaths, over 12,000 people injured and more then 80% collapsed buildings. these numbers are increasing by the day. unofficial reports indicate deat toll of over 4,000 and on the rise.
Today most of Kyedundo’s residents are homeless and sleeping outdoors in freeezing temperatures, more then 12,000 feet above sea level. The local hospital was destroyed. Rescue efforts are slow because the city is 500 miles from the nearest airport and 18-hour drive from the closest city. many chinese relife worker are suffering from altitude sickness. Tibetan monks and surviving lay people are at the forefront of the rescue effort and need our help.

Tenzin Phuntsok Rinpoche
Phuntsok Labrang